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Megan Jayne, orgullosa de vivir sin anorexia y con mucho amor propio

Ella tuvo una experiencia,

y aprendió esto...

Megan Jayne, es un ejemplo de cómo el amor propio es la medicina más efectiva para dejar atrás trastornos alimenticios como la anorexia.

Tiene 23 años y logró recuperarse de la anorexia que la aquejó a los 14 años, mira esta imagen del antes y el después.

Lately there are a lot of people who come here and tell me that I'm doing it wrong. That there's nothing bad about dieting or wanting to lose weight. That I shouldn't be celebrating the body types I do. That I've gone 'too far' or that I'm promoting the wrong things. But here's the reality: there are so many spaces you can go to and be congratulated on weight loss. There are millions of diet plans, endless articles on getting the 'perfect' body, and countless images of the body type our culture teaches us we should all strive for. Those are the spaces I grew up around, and boy did I learn the lesson well. I learned how to lose weight, I learned how to hate my body, I learned that chasing thinness was the only way to be beautiful, and the only way to be happy. It's taken me a LONG time to unlearn those lessons. And I plan on showing as many people as I can that they can unlearn them too. Because honestly? We all deserve so much better than how we've been taught to see ourselves. The body positive community is our safe space. It's the one corner of the internet you can go to where no matter how you look, you're good enough. It won't pressure you into believing that you can only be happy once you're smaller. It won't shame you for how many calories you eat or how many miles you can run. It won't tell you that your value lies in whatever number comes up on the scale. It's the space that I needed so badly all those years ago. So you can think that I'm doing this wrong all you like, I'll keep going. I'll keep creating a safe space where that girl on the left can't be hurt anymore. And for all of you out there who've never been told before that you're good enough already. You will ALWAYS be good enough here. 💜💙💚🌈 ✨P.S. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LOOK LIKE THE PICTURE ON THE LEFT FOR YOUR STRUGGLES TO BE VALID! EATING DISORDERS COME IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES, THIS IS ONLY ONE REPRESENTATION. EDs ARE MENTAL ILLNESSES, NOT WEIGHTS. WHATEVER SIZE, YOU ARE WORTHY OF RECOGNITION AND SUPPORT. SENDING SO MUCH LOVE TO ALL MY ED WARRIORS ✨

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desde entonces se ha dedicado a llevar su mensaje de superación a través de su página oficial y su cuenta de Instagram, pues para ella todos los cuerpos son hermosos y bienvenidos.

BREAKING NEWS! BODIES CHANGE SHAPE IN DIFFERENT POSITIONS! Reportedly, this phenomenon occurs to every human being on the planet, and yet the majority of bodies shown in the media remain super posed, super Photoshopped, and super unattainable for most of us flawed, normal folk. And since all we see being celebrated is the most flattering angles and flawless figures, we start to see ourselves as wrong. We see our belly rolls as ugly. We see our cellulite as sinful. We see ourselves as worth less, the less we look like the pages of our magazines or the beauties on our screens. I used to hold my stomach in until it hurt. 5 years old and already obsessed with flattering. Already brainwashed into believing that I needed to look as thin as possible at all times to be worth something. To anyone. You know what? Fuck flattering. We are all wonderful and worthy however our bodies look. At any angle, in any outfit, posed or not, you are good enough. You are valuable. So let yourself breathe, and laugh, and live, without worrying how you look through everyone else's eyes. You're not here for them. 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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¿Por qué queremos contarte de ella?

Porque se ve naturalmente feliz, contenta con su belleza, conforme con su estilo de vida, orgullosa de no tener un cuerpo perfecto pero sí la actitud ideal para amarse y sobre todo, respetarse a sí misma.

Nos dimos una vuelta por su Instagram y nos pareció fabulosa, pues además de que es obvio que le encantan los colores pastel, comparte imágenes que contradicen lo que la mercadotecnia nos mete por todos lados.

Cuerpos reales, con lonjitas al sentarte, con celulitis, con caderas anchas, con estrias, pero, a pesar de lo que los estereotipos actuales nos enseñan como belleza, lo sorprendente es que es en ésas imperfecciones nace la felicidad, en principio por la aceptación, pero sobre todo con la actitud.

A simple and beautiful truth 💜 and that body type does look familiar 😏 thank you @jkomments you are outrageously talented! 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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No estamos diciendo que te dejes engordar y no hagas nada por cuidarte, es sólo pedirte que no te obsesiones por lucir como las chicas de pasarela o revista, por supuesto, es importante que te cuides, que hagas ejercicio, que comas saludable, que duermas bien, que hidrates tu piel, pero es igual de importante que cultives tu amor propio y encuentres un equilibrio entre cómo quieres lucir y qué te hace feliz para verte de ésa manera.

Megan padeció anorexia y lo aprendió después de una experiencia desagradable, no esperes a rechazarte a ti misma poniendo en riesgo tu salud para abrazarte y agradecer todo lo que tu cuerpo es capaz de hacer por ti.

Tener un cuerpo fitness es sinónimo de tener un cuerpo en el que se note el ejercicio, pero ¿cómo sería tener la mente y el corazón ejercitados? Pensamos que un buen inicio es el amor y la aceptación.

EVERY. SINGLE. PART. 💜 I did my first IG live session earlier (thank you for anyone who watched!) and there was one question I spotted but didn't get a chance to answer: does body positivity have to be about LOVING your body, or can it just be ACCEPTING your body? Here's what I think: It is impossible to go from a lifetime of hating your body to instantly falling in love with every part of it. And that's something we all need to remember – we're trying to unlearn years and years of negative conditioning about the way we look and that shit is hard. DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP FOR NOT BEING THERE YET. You're doing the best you can. Don't aim for all encompassing body love straight away, that's like trying to reach the moon on a trampoline. Start with with acceptance. Instead of 'I love my body' try 'I accept that this is my body and will do my best to make peace with it'. And if that's not happening at the moment, try respect first: 'I respect my body for all the ways it works to keep me alive, even if I can't accept the outside of it yet'. No matter what – KEEP BEING GENTLE WITH YOURSELF. Even if you're not at body love yet, you're miles ahead of where you used to be for even trying to find that peace. And I'm proud of you for trying. 💜💙💚🌈🌞 Art by the amazing @frances_cannon ✨

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Te recomendamos que visites la página de Megan pues además da consejos saludables para cuidar tu peso, y en su cuenta de Instagram encontrarás fotos realmente motivantes para verte bien, pero sobre todo para amarte como eres.

Un verdadero estado de salud incluye la salud mental y emocional, de nada serviría tener un abdomen plano o cero celulitis en las piernas si nunca vas a estar conforme contigo y vivirás esclavizada por cumplir las etiquetas que han impuesto personas ajenas a tu vida.

WE HAVE NO IDEA WHAT REAL BODIES LOOK LIKE ANYMORE. And no, not real as in 'REAL women have curves' (screw that body shaming bullshit, all women are real). Real as in RAW, unedited, unposed, unairbrushed, REAL. Bodies from all angles, not just the most 'flattering' ones. We see so many painstakingly posed professional model bodies that we start to see our own as flawed. Abnormal. Ugly. But there really is no wrong way to have a body, despite what we've all been taught. Whenever I post anything celebrating my belly rolls there's an army of body shamers ready to tell me that I'm hideous, unhealthy, unworthy. But guess what? MOST WOMEN HAVE BELLY ROLLS WHEN THEY SIT DOWN. As well as cellulite on their thighs, bags under their eyes, scars and blemishes and a million other 'imperfections' we've learned to see as problems. Our ideas about bodies are so warped that most people would praise the girl on the left and condemn the girl on the right, without realising that we're one and the same. Well, I've worked damn hard to love the body in both these pictures, and I won't let the world paint my unique features as flaws to be fixed. So this is my message to you – you are worthy of self love at any angle. You are beautiful posed or not. You deserve to embrace every part of yourself. And you are so much more than a body. 💜💙💚🌈🌞

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¿Eres delgada? Ámate ¿Eres llenita? Ámate ¿Eres caderona? Ámate… El amor implica cuidarte y recuerda estas palabras de Megan: “la salud incluye felicidad”.